Missing mounting point on vertical Window

Suicide Neil shared this bug 2 years ago

As title, I just noticed that there is no mounting point on the back-side of the vertical window block, but there is one on the sides- it should be able to mount flat against any other valid block. Please see attached image:

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Yes, this is seriously annoying. It's a really silly limitation.

In the meantime I've made a moded version that has the extra mountpoint:



Hello Neil!

Thank you for mentioning this. There is a thread from quite some time ago about this here so will mark this as a duplicate. I will, however, look into this and respond to that thread.

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department


Hello, Engineers!

I´m happy to inform you that this issue will be fixed in upcoming game update v200.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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