Merge Block Docking via RC locks client in RC Control

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I searched and did not see this one around. I have been able to reliably reproduce this on a DS server hosting a few, admin/QoL Mods, but have not yet tried to reproduce it in vanilla... I suspect it should work though.

1). Set up a remote controlled ship with a merge block and possibly an adjacent connector. Make a matching docking point on a STATIC grid (I have not tried this on a dynamic grid).

2). Use the RC block to guide the ship to dock with the station.

3). After docking with the station via the Remote control, the ship should remain responsive and you have access to its control panel, however now "T" key does nothing (cannot disengage from RC block), you cannot suicide, and you cannot do anything but control the RC vessel until you relog.

I have no idea what variables matter here, if it can be reproduced with just the merge block, or if the adjacent connector is required. I did this to myself a few times now, and it seems to be 100% reproducible under the proper conditions. All of this was done on a large grid, again I'm not sure if grid size will matter, and didn't have time to do proper testing.

I would be interested to see if anyone else can reproduce it.

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I was able to reproduce this. Happens on DS, not SP.

All you have to do is merge a large grid ship to a large grid station via remote controlling the ship and your interface is frozen in RC mode until you relog.

Neither grid had a connector. Remote grid had RC, 2 Batteries, 12 Small Ion thrusters, Gyro, Antenna and Merge Block.


Awesome, I'm glad it was so easily reproduced... kinda a niche bug, even still... I'm a bit surprised no one reported it before.


Ooof. Post is already 19 months old. I just discovered the same issue, small grid to small grid (to large grid via rotor). Stuck in remote control mode, had to relog to get out of it.


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