Memory leak and optimization in general

John Doe shared this bug 17 months ago

Does this really need an explanation? This has been an issue for years now. Sometimes it's fixed for a few days, then it comes back and gets ignored until it's fixed again for one or two minor patches. Playing with 8GB is a joke if you have to restart your game every hour. I know this isn't much today, but it's listed as minimum requirement so i should be able to play this. Other than that we all know this game is leaking every memory it has access to. Lots of issues with performance all over are posted here, some even with a detailed explanation on how to fix them. These topics stay "considered" until people eventually upgrade their hardware, which offsets issues by sheer computing power. This is a matter of optimization in general, which is being ignored for too long now, for clients and servers alike.

Loading up the game menu is already 3GB. Loading into the actual game adds another 2-3 increasing ever slowly until you have to restart. Quitting into main menu frees a measly 1 or 2 GB, so that's what the game was seemingly using. So you're sitting there, looking at text panels with video in the background, and the whole experience is worth around 5GB of ram.

How do you plan to release on a 6 year old console if the game is optimized for hardware coming in 10 years?

inb4 muh voxels. visual fidelity doesn't match at all to what hardware this engine would actually require.

You did a great job with the trees for an example. Way better looks and better performance than the old one is a win-win. Why not use this potential to get the game running better for everyone?

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