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Isaac Fry shared this bug 3 years ago

Not sure if there is a bug or two in this mess but in general it just needs sorting.

- The mass you add to cargo containers does not add the same mass to the grid mass.

- The grid mass in the info terminal is different to the mass on the bottom right when flying.

- The mass in the bottom right sometimes just changes to 0.0kg for no reason I can find. Happens when flying around or docked regardless.

One of the things I was doing to find this was to paste large cargo containers with 1 million kg (Shows as 1000K kg in game) of stone each onto a grid to try and weigh it down, only to find the grid mass was increasing by a much smaller amount.

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1. Cargo mass is subject to inventory size ... only if you have realistic inventory size, the 1kg of cargo will increase ship mass by 1kg. With 10x inventory size, the 1kg of cargo will increase grid mass only by 0.1kg. This is working as intented.

2. I think the 'flying mass' is (or should be) total of main grid mass, all connected grids and all cargo in those grids (subjected to inventory size). I am not sure what the terminal shows - probably mass of selected grid, maybe with cargo.

3. I noticed that too, whenever I have the plane gear locked to base (that is currently just 'ship' without propulsion gear locked to planet - not station embedded into the planet), it's grid mass will show as 0. Here is a room for improvements.


For that first point I tested it on realistic inventory size as well and it was exactly the same. Pasted on millions of kg of rock and the mass increase of the ship was low. Even if it was "working as intended" however its unintuitive and should actually be clear.

It would be good if you could test your suspicions before replying that its working as intended, as it could cause the problem to be overlooked.

On realistic, using mass on bottom right, pasted on 1 million kg stone:

7926973 kg before.

7926973 kg after.

Didn't even change apparently.

Info screen mass:

7990647 kg before.

7990647 after.

Now its not even updating.

So it looks like pasting cargo containers onto grids doesn't change there mass, which is a different bug I guess. Spawning it or adding it directly into containers does increase it as intended, but it doesn't explain why the grid mass on the info screen is higher.


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