Make Planets Great Again

Adyne shared this feedback 3 years ago

So the thing is that planets are currently pretty empty.

My idea is that there should be something to see, encounter or fight.

Here are some proposals:

- Abandoned Facilities:

How about you can encounter abandoned buildings, like ship construction facilities, Air/Spaceports, small/large outposts, mining operations,...

- Ground Vehicles

Little (or big) rovers, drones, tanks and/or transporters, either as a passive vessel which just travelles straight through the world or as an active force which will attack you.

- Aircrafts

Small helicarriers and ships to capture. They will be more challenging to capture, because you can't disable the power systems to deactivate their weapons. If yoou do, it will fall straight out of the sky.

- Crashed Starships (my favourite)

Old vessels, broken apart a long time ago, which found their final place on the surface of a lonely planet.

The idea are damaged, half buried and maybe broken apart vessels, either completly abandoned or with a small camp around them and partly salvaged.

(Example: Khar-Toba from Homeworld)

These are a couple of ideas, which will in my opinion improve the game a lot.

Comment if you want and leave your own opinion and ideas (You too KSH).

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It would be great to see more active pirate NPCs in these vehicles, that might get out a rifle and try to kill you. Things like these need to be considered now with some competition coming up!


I made a few suggestions about making planets and SE more fun in general. I really hope Keen consider these because I'm not sure how economy is going to work in SE when the world is empty and lifeless unless they intend to do what Fallout 76 did with interactions with a ship and imagination for "trading". Along with the way in the future weapon update... the only thing to fight are other players and simple drones...

Fix NPCs:

Planet Encounters:


Cave systems would be extremely cool. And bioluminescent planets or glowy-stone if it seems too dark.

We've already got mods that add planetary cargo ships and spawn bases (which should be folded into vanilla).

The autopilot block could use some updates to it. Add code for driving rovers, and maybe improve pathfinding would go a long way. That alone would allow modders to make rover-drones that can spawn and drive autonomously on planets.


To really make planets enjoyable they need to feel more alive.

More wildlife (see NMS/Empyrion/Osiris)

Weather - storms, fog, seasons, etc. Plus weather should affect survival (i.e. temperature ,lightning strikes, etc.).

NPCs ... not just buildings & ships but actual humonoid (or alien) NPCs that we can interact with... and even hostile NPCs that populate the installations, ships, etc.

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