Loose ore in space passing through player body

KaiiKiller shared this bug 2 years ago

Hello, loose ore that is mined and floats in space is no longer colliding with the players body, it is just passing through the player, could it please be fixed to be like it was where it bounced off the character model like in the past.

I am playing singleplayer.

I have taken 3 screenshots showing the lose ore passing inside the player character model.

I loved it in the past when you had a bunch of loose ore and they bumped into the character model and bounced away.

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I've just learned that it's "All" loose items not just "Ore", I used to be able to push all items with the player character model in space the same way you would with a small or large ship, but now it just passes right through the character model....

Having things pass through the character like it was ghost really ruins the immersion for me.... please put it back to how it was originally.