Localized Physics Failure Due To Damage (wheeled craft)

John M shared this bug 2 years ago

Under circumstances when any rover takes damage to any wheel, at some point (on a vanilla/unmodded Dedicated Server) and theres any amount of desync, the affected block can only be freed from its state when destroyed, as when the wheel or affected block is destroyed, instead of one scrap item being produced, two or more are produced from the same location, and are intractable, and not the exact same value.

1. the server needs to be stressed in some way shape or form

2. the affected grid must have wheels as its only propulsion (no thrusters AT ALL)

3. drive around until the wheels take damage from either

3a: rubbing against each other and damaging due to desync and server-client disagreement

3b: hitting the ground enough times to take ANY damage

4. the affected vehicle will stop responding to controls normally and will instead start to spin along an axis (of which is not known to me) and may float, but still interact with the ground like its still an intractable, physical, object. all while almost entirely ignoring gravity.

the conditions that can increase the frequency of this: mods, latency, being on a DS instead of singleplayer (*almost* never happens in singleplayer), grid weight changes, greater than 30m/s velocity in any direction, certain stone types (such as sand, or grey stone), contact with voxel hand edited terrain, and excess grids (for any reason, such as a great amount of players who play on said server)

its hard to reproduce, but restrict the server to just 1 planet, only rovers (wheeled vehicles and no thrusters), and equal to or greater than 12 players at any given time playing simultaneously

it wont affect any grid that isnt sitting still outside of a 20m radius (can spread as each grid is now affected, and creates its own 20m radius physics failure "bubble"), and will get fixed when the original grid's issue is resolved

but one thing is always linked to this, damaged containers through armor when suspension bottoms out, scrap being duplicated, latency or desync. any two of these at one given frame of time can cause the aforementioned circumstances to arise. (wheels also seem to just disappear for some reason when everything is working well, and two pieces of scrap appear on the ground where the wheel broke)

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