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LCDs are a bit broken- forgetting settings.

Suicide Neil shared this bug 2 years ago

Steps to recreate:

1) place a group of LCD panels on a powered grid.

2) set them to 'text & images' ( group them all up )

3) change the background colour

4) now switch to spectator mode, and back to 1st person.

As if by magic, all of the panels are now blank- you must go back into the control panel and adjust the colour again before they all suddenly their settings. If however there is text written on one of the panels, that one will remember it settings, but all of the others will go blank when using spectator mode.

Fix please.

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Hello Neil!

I have just tested this in the most recent version of 197.075 and it appears to no longer be an issue. If you agree, I will mark this as solved.

Kind Regards

Laura, QA Department


Oh, yeah- this was patched a few days after it was reported- I forgot all about it. Definitely marked as solved, cheers.



Thank you for letting me know.

Kind regards

Laura, QA Department

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