Laser antennas not connecting in and near Safe-zone.

Aschran shared this bug 2 years ago

[seen at version 1.193, private server and solo map, no mods]

- This problem only concern the safe zone generated by the Safe Zone block, admin generated safe zone were not tested in this case.

Hello, Ihave recently observed that laser-antennas cannot connect from inside and near a safe zone field, even if the connexion sight is clear and unobstructed.

Normal antennas broadcast communication is working without problems, but laser antennas unicast communications seem to be touching a wall and try to connect without success undefinitely.

From my observations a laser antenna cannot connect:

- With a station or dynamic grid inside a safe zone field.

- If at least one of the laser antenna is being outside and "close" to a safe zone.

From my observations, the distance of a laser antenna being blocked outside of a safe zone seem to be relative or requal to that of the range set to the safe zone, a 150 meter safe zone seem to be blocking laser antenna up to 150 meter far from the wall of the safe zone and a 20 meter large safe zone, seem to blocks laser antenna 20 meter far from its wall.

I have experienced this on multiplayer private server with no mods, and i made a save on solo with no mods and the results are the same.

I'm sending in the attached file a copy of the test map,

In this test map I tried 3 pairs of laser antennas, with enough energy to power a laser antenna connexion.

red laser antenna being inside the safe zone, not connecting

blue laser antenna outside and near the safe zone, not connecting, and

green laser antenna outside and far from the safe zone, connecting.

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