Large grid turrets won't fire at enemy drones

ollie shared this bug 2 years ago

I have started a game on single player.

I have a station underground with a conveyor system poking through the top to a set of conveyor blocks with turrets that are 4 large blocks from the surface.

When the modular encounters mod spawns drones that come after me, the turrets do not target them even when the large grid turrets are set to 800m and the enemy are within 400m.

If i change the turret range from 800 to 600 then back to 800 they will target and shoot but they will not do this automatically.

Additionally, the turrets will randomly shoot into the middle of nowhere and need to be reset on/off to fix this.

mods installed: Hacking computer v3

Build vision 2.5

NPC weapon upgrades

paint gun




Rotary airlock

Scarce Resources

Space just got real

Suppress (cargo ships and encounters)

Surface occupation


Tiamat NPC mod

Tracer (orange)


NPC Programming Extender

Modular encounters spawner

Interior Door

Hollow Planet Clean up

Camera Panning

Clear Camera Screen

Doctor's Vanilla Voxels

Defense Shields

Assertive installations

Assertive Cargo Ships

Assertive Bunkers

Air Traffic

P.s. I've tried to attach my save file but it doesnt seem to work

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