Large grid size 3x3 wheels unstable on heavy vehicles

jakalth shared this bug 3 years ago

I have come upon an issues with the size 3x3 large grid suspension wheels. On a large and heavy vehicle, like an oversized mobile base, the 3x3 wheels become unstable. This is since the Economics Update. I did not have any noticable issues with these wheels before the update.

To paint the picture, I had a large mobile base around 18 by 34 blocks in dimension that used 32 of the 3x3 wheels, in 4 sets of 8 wheels. The vehicle weighed around 6,800,000kg and had the wheels suspension setup for best terrain crossing stability(suspension strength of 15% for example).

Whenever the vehicle was not locked to the ground, using landing gear, the whole vehicle would shake, vibrate, or bounce with enough force that walking around on the vehicle would usualy result in your character being killed by random walls and structures on the vehicle. Also, the frame of the vehicle would slowly take damage from the forces involved. There were 0 rotors and 0 pistons on the vehicle. Only moving parts were the wheels, and a couple sets of wind turbines.

I have tried reducing the number of wheels down too 4 sets of 6 3x3 wheels, with stronger suspension, and reducing it's mass by offloading all it's cargo, but it still shook badly. I did find that turning down the friction, to nearly 0, stopped the shaking, but the vehicle would slowly accelerate to the left or right.(some form of physics feedback maybe?) Even with the brakes on and/or the wheels turned off.

I have since rebuilt the vehicle using 24 of the 5x5 suspension wheels, and though the vehicle now weighs over 8,000,000kg, it is completely stable.

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I attached a picture of the vehicle if it helps any. yes, the wheels do look like they are clipping into each other, but they are not actually touching. I did try increasing the gap between them but that also had no effect.


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