large grid inverted blast door corner needs to relax...

/dev/null shared this bug 20 months ago


Large grid inverted blast door corner needs to relax its bounding box.

Where a blast door edges fit in both orientations, and inverted corner should also fit.

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Its not just the bounding box... the physics mesh for it takes up the entire space a full blast door wall would take.


Yep I'm having the same issue here except I thought it was a lot more recent than 10 months ago. Anyway yeah it's the same problem where the blast door corner inverted occupies too much place physically whhen its edge should be more lenient like the rest of blast door blocks. Please Keen fix this.


Hello, it is 2/10/2020 and I am trying to build a moving platform. I am having this same problem.

So I moved the platform and placed the blocks and now the platform gets stuck above or below the row of blast blocks. If I remove just the inverted edge blocks everything moves up and down without issues.

Please fix this because it makes it almost impossible to have a working elevator that does not have big corner gaps were your character can fall and die.

Thank you.