Large Grid Drills are OP

Lane shared this bug 3 years ago

There is a bug in the way large grid Drill blocks interact in physics.

a video is best way to demonstrate:

This is a game breaking bug that griefers are currently exploiting in dedicated server games- and makes all armor, ship, or base building pointless... as a suit with a handful of steel plates can wreck it all

And, whats worse, these 1% drill blocks are ignored by turrets.

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This and the spawn searching mechanics makes it very easy for griefers to find people with little effort and destroy their creations with out ever building a ship of their own. It favors griefing and discourages putting effort into building things. It costs the griefer nothing to use these exploits.


I can confirm this too. I was playing in NA #4 mining in deep space and out of nowhere this guy in a space suit is throwing blocks at my ship, and my 15 gatling turrets weren't able to hit this guy, and I lost everything. I spent 10 hours building my mining ship and this guy destroys it all in seconds. I haven't played multiplayer for two weeks now.


Unwelded, single steel plate blast door blocks do similar damage when thrown at ships and bases. To a lesser extend unwelded, single steel plate heavy armor also does large amounts of damage, but not as much as unwelded single steel plate large grid drill blocks. This needs to be fixed! There is no point in building ships and bases in MP when this bug can be exploited by trolls and griefers to totally destroy players creations outside the normal combat design of the game.


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