Large Grid Blast Doors lost thruster damage immunity. small grid uneffected

captainbladej52 shared this bug 2 years ago

Just like the title says, recently within the last couple of patches I have noticed the large grid blast doors no longer stop thruster damage like they once did or protect blocks behind them from thruster damage. small grid blast doors still have their immunity to thruster damage but large grid ones do not. I was always told that anything too close to the mouth of a thruster was supposed to be burned and suffer damage, with blast doors being the lone exception to that rule. This allowed one of the functions of blast doors to function as a sort of heat shield type of block for use in the construction of shipyards, docking bays, hangars, launch pads, and similar objects that may come into contact with a thruster flame on the regular. This would allow folks to construct those types of objects and have a heat shield to protect key components. I've heard some folks say that if the thruster and blast door are on the same grid, the thruster is supposed to burn the blast door and anything close enough. I have heard some folks say if they're on 2 separate grids, that's when a blast door isn't supposed to get burned. I have also heard folks saying it doesn't matter if they're on the same grid or not, blast doors aren't supposed to get burned and are supposed to stop thruster flames. I was always under the impression they're not supposed to burn at all.

Reproduction Steps:

1: place a large grid thruster with adequate fuel/power down on a grid.

2: place a large grid blast door on the same grid within burn distance. place a small cargo bay for best results behind the blast door.

3: ramp up the thruster to full power so it's not just sitting idle, then observe the blast door and cargo bay.

Actual Results:

Large grid blast doors don't stop thruster flames and suffer damage without protecting blocks behind them.

Expected Results:

Large grid blast doors shouldn't take thruster damage and should protect blocks behind them from thruster damage like their small grid counterparts.

Large grid blast doors overall are not protecting against thruster flames like they're supposed to. This issue occurs whether the large grid blast door and thruster are on the same grid, or 2 separate grids.

Small grid blast doors are working perfectly. they block thruster flames as they should. whether it's the same grid or 2 separate grids, small grid blast doors are working perfectly and are in working order. only large grid blast doors are bugged.

Here is a video I created to demonstrate the issue. In the video I demonstrated on 4 test rigs, the large grid test rigs both demonstrated the issue. small grid worked perfectly. small grid demo begins at around 10:15.

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Slight update to this one. As of the most recent update 1.195.023 on 7-9-2020, this issue isn't as bad as it was at the time of this report, but is still present and noticeable. The large grid blast doors are still taking damage but it takes alot longer to get them to burn up. small grids are still uneffected as they should be. Much appreciated for taking this report. The issue with blast doors severely diminishes the ability to create certain builds.

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