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Keen EU 2

error 404 shared this bug 12 months ago

Got home sutarday afternoon and finaly had some free time to play, which i am shure a lot of people do on weekends, its not unheard off.

Where i usualy play, Keen EU2 is nowhere to be found.

Now its sunday, 2 AM and its still offline or somethingh.

The other thingh is you are a "large" software house yet there is not a single person working weekends, atleast not on theese suport forums which is a damn shame.

You should have 24/7 support.


If its too much for you you can always go do somethingh ealse and sell the game to a proper software company that might actualy put some effort in to it.

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Hello, error 404,

thanks for letting us know.

The server was restarted and should be running now without any issue. It´s normally visible for me when searching.


Thanks for letting us know once again.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


...sorry for beeing mean.

Btw did you research what the issue was, so it doesnt happen again?

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