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Keen EU 2 server

error 404 shared this bug 17 months ago

The server is working realy poorly lately.

Heavy rubberbanding, to the point that you get stuck in one place and when you move you get teleported back to the same spot. Over and over again.

Constant game pauses, conection issues.

People constantly falling inside of planets, chat is full of screams for help...

Loss of conection, or the server crashes-restarts when its not suposed too, multiple rollbacks, and i mean multiple. I once had 2 in one day.

Sometimes you weld or grind and nothingh happens, you cant fully build a block or grind it down.

I think the server , where ever it is, has a realy poor internet conection. Or there are too many other servers on the same location and its filling up the conection capacity.

Pls fix somethingh so we can have proper smooth gameplay.

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thank you for your report, we will investigate it.

Keen Software House: QA Department



I played yesterday and it was much smoother and faster than a couple days ago.

I am guessing someone did somethingh to the server, some cleanup or somethingh.

The difrence in movement speed a couple days ago and now was so difrenet that a couple of us acidentaly killed ourselves by ramming full speed i na wall lmao.

I have one further comment tho, i crashed a ship and went to get another to do some salvage. I was back in under 5 min and when i returned most parts, that were not attached to a battery or a reactor, were alredy gone so i asume cleanup is working corectly.

On the other hand, i have a conector setup so it ejects gravel from refinery out of the base. There are always large piles of gravel there on the grass and they even survive restarts, they dont vanish if i fly a couple km away and come back.

Can somethingh be done to clean that up aswell? Maybe not instantly, incase you drop somethingh you can stil pick it up, but after a minute or 2.


Hello, error 404!

Thank you for your reply. Regarding the gravel issue, please contact your server administrators, they should be able to help you.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Helo Katerina :D

Hey, i tried playing on that server again, Keen EU2, after a brake.

It feels like it could use some love, there are constant game pauses, loss of conection, heavy rubberbanding etc.

There were only a couple players online but the server felt like it was strugling. Maybe somebody was playing with too many pistons or rotors or whatever.

Please look into it.

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