Jukebox glitches out while flying your jetpack

Magnus S shared this bug 13 months ago
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When flying your jetpack near a jukebox it cycles rappidly through the songs and doesn't play any of them. As soon as you land on the same grid it stops and starts playing a random song (probably the one it just cycled through).

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Hello Engineer,

You did not have to move it to public test forum as this is the correct place to have it in.

Are you by chance playing in a world with sounds set to realistic instead of arcade?

In realistic audio this behavior is intended as You are not going to be able to listen to the song, because You are not touching the grid from which it is emanating.

The rapid cycling through could be a bug and is most likely result of the system evaluating the song as not playing, therfore switching to the next track immediately, thinking that the song has ended.

Please respond to this thread with confirmation that it is indeed happening in a world with realistic sounds.

Have a nice day,

Keen QA



sorry for the late reply. Yes, it was indeed a world with realistic sounds. So what you describe could actually be the issue.

Greetings Magnus


Could be connected to this, moving away beyond the reach of the jukebox or a sound block set up to play one song causes playback to stop, moving back within the reach of sound causes the file to be played from the start again. The sound block should keep track of the playback position independently of it being played I would think, it doesn’t.