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DonCDXX shared this bug 2 years ago

As the title suggests, I've been working on a campaign. Here's the problems I've been having with uploading it to steam.

-First time it uploads fine. No problems there.

-Attempting to reupload after making changes to campaign gets a "failed to publish" error message unless Space Engineers is closed and opened again.

-After closing and reopening SE, campaign will publish but workshop visibility "friends only" has to be chosen again after every upload attempt.

-Changes don't appear when running campaign after reupload.

-Deleting downloaded version of campaign in an attempt to let steam redownload it, results in not being downloaded. It shows on downloads as a workshop item, but it fails to download.

Right now, I suppose the work around is to delete the metadata.mod and modinfo.sbmi files for every bugfix I make. That's a bit frustrating so I hope a bug fix is possible.

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