Issues with modded turret model animations and bullet FX when connected as a server client

Jacob Sawatzky shared this bug 3 years ago

Multiple weapon mod packs have an issue with Gatling based turrets not showing any form of tracer fire. Additionally, any animations associated with any turret do not show for non-host players. The issue isn't apparent for lan hosts, but those connected will have these issues. Some mod packs affected would be Mexpex Warfare Industries and CMDbob's weapons. I have heard that Oki's weapon pack has these issues but haven't seen them personally. I have contacted the author for mexpex's pack and he has stated that it is not something he can fix. No user side fixes on my end have worked.

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Exactly the same issue here.

Turrets are doing the damage, no tracers showing or muzzle flashes.


Two mods with various turrets in each mod suffering from this issue.

Fairly popular mods too, a couple of examples: - Medium Beam Turret - Telion Anti-Fighter Turret


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This is still an issue. Vanilla gats seem to do it too when shooting missiles, no tracer fire at all. No sound on the client either.

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