Intel Integrated: Black Textures

Trickery shared this bug 3 years ago

Problem Description:

As soon as I create a world containing planets with atmospheres, all textures in the game will be black. If I remove all atmospheres by editing the save file everything works fine again. Only the skybox of planets is displaying correctly.

It seems the problem also occured for some other people using Intel integrated GPUs, indicating that they might be the root of the problem. E.g.:

The black octagons as described in the second link appear when using Post-Processing option.

However, there are also many reports of players using integrated GPUs successfully.

SE Version: 1.189 (however even 1.172 also has partially black textures)

System: Lenovo T480

CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U

GPU: Intel Integrated UHD 620

GPU Driver:

DirectX Version: 12


OS: Windows 10.0.17763

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