Client lag on MP servers

Michal Nováček shared this bug 2 years ago


I have problem on my server Czech Chillout.

Some players have problem to join "Server not responding" and when i can join into the game i have ping 300-800ms, but when i test ping to server via cmd i have ping 5-15ms to server in same time.

Its look like rubber banding.

This problem reported me 5% of players and 90% of player what reported it have AMD cpu like me.

Server is fine bcs when i have this problem and 2 players too, other 30 online without problems.

Any idea?

This all problems started after FROSTBITE updat, before this we dont have any problems like this.

Files: lags.JPG

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Hello, Engineer!

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As i found that info on my search for a ddifferent problem:The Roundtrip value is not actually your PING(network speaking) but the whole simulationstep till shows on screen.

Mean including The Render loads

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