Infinite Connector Magnetic force

adrien ju shared this bug 4 years ago

Hello, I'm having an issue with unconnected ship. A magnetic force seems to be applied even when the ship is very far everytime we connect a ship and then disconnect it. Disabling/Enabling the connector, and setting the strength doesn't solve the problem. After a while, i t started to drift away and no force was able to stop it... I join you video, if you need any more information to solve this problem I stay there.

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I can't post the video


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This is still an issue. I am experiencing this bug on official Keen cze #2 server. Small ship connected to base via connector. Magnetic force pulls ship back, can't use the ship anymore.


Issue is still persisting, Landing gear and connector will intermittently have unlimited force or simply the system is not registering that the Landing gear and connector are no longer in proximity to a surface. See video for a demonstration.

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