Increase ship welder/grinder speeds

Vanake14 shared this feedback 3 years ago

Right now handheld tools seem faster than ship welders and grinders.

Sure you can have more cargo and welders on a ship, but it just seems a bit silly that a welder that's bigger than you are is slower at welding than your engineer's tiny welder.

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For me, its not so much the Speed, but the Range of Ship Welders and Grinders.


I would like to see both improved. The weld speed is not only silly in terms of balance but it has another far more serious side effect.

As the speed is so slow you spend more time welding the same block and that translates into more lag on a multiplayer server. If you are using welder walls the server performances goes down the toilet real fast.


While its easy enough to mod the welder/grinder 'bubbles' (its either one sbc file, or some scripting overrides)... its not as easy to adjust the speed at which they function without screwing up the handheld tool speeds. Would be nice if the per-block speed multipliers were made accessible to modding them, and not burned in constants.

And yes, a 'wall of welders' will chug our server when we load up a projection and let 'er rip. Usually we have to announce to the others about starting something.

And trying to make a small ship grinder, is basically pointless given the time it takes to grind down just one block, and move about in the ship to begin with. Easier to jump out with the little hand grinder and go to town... really stupid in the sense of realism.