In "Frostbite" scenario, vehicles consume hydrogen too quickly

Brian Vaughan shared this feedback 4 months ago

I completed the "Frostbite" scenario last night, and I found that the vehicles that were powered by hydrogen generators consumed their hydrogen supply extremely quickly. This was especially a problem with the truck-and-trailer rig placed to haul three data modules: it went from around 75% to 25% while idling on the lift, and was down to single digits before I could dock it at the fuel station a short distance away. There was no way it could reach the landing platform on its hydrogen tankage, or even reach another fueling station; I had to install small reactors to power it.

I could believe that was intended as a design challenge, but it stuck out that the vehicle you start out with, powered by a solar panel, and the first one you find, an armored rover powered by reactors, effectively never need refueling through the duration of the scenario.

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The problem with hydrogen generators isn't just one scenario, it's everywhere.


Probably. The issue you posted is related, I think.сonsumes-fuel-too-quickly

I thought I should post something more specifically about the scenario. I expect it was designed in part to show off the hydrogen engine and small hydrogen tank, and they've probably got design notes about how things are supposed to work, so it'd serve as a test case for tuning the hydrogen consumption.