IMyTextSurface.MeasureStringInPixels(...) is rather off for some of the new displays

/dev/null shared this bug 20 months ago

This should estimate the width of a string in pixels, so we can scale to fit a screen.

However, its estimate seems rather off for some of the new panels, in particular the "keyboard" panels and the cockpit panels. I found this using the following script which makes all displays on grid say their various names and designations, and also tries to scale each output to optimal width:

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I have the same bug but I don't think this is the fault of IMyTextSurface.MeasureStringInPixels(...) but IMyTextSurface.SurfaceSize. I noticed, that many surfaces return a width of 512 but the resolution seems to be different. While a line of text on a normal screen at font size 1 fills the whole line, it needs fontsize 2 on keyboards to fill the line..