IMyPowerProducer needs another Output variable, or MaxOutput needs adjustment

AccidentallyTheCable shared this bug 2 years ago

IMyPowerProducer has Max(Possible)Output, and CurrentOutput, but lacks a MaxAvailableOutput of sorts

MaxOutput reports the 'Max Possible Output', and there is no way (short of reading the text info manually) of reading the actual Available Max Output.

This applies more specifically to things like Wind Turbines and Solar Panels, as their actual available output is variable depending on the environment. I have a power info script that displays stats, and this problem throws off my results because when the sun is down, I have (N solar Panels * Max Possible Output) less power than when the sun is up, but my script can only report via MaxOutput, so it returns as if I have all power available for a solar panel, when I really dont.

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