Improve PvE environment to have more challenge / PvE Server

Hoshiko shared this feedback 2 years ago


I would suggest to improve PvE environment, to have a some challenge with different encounters (small - medium -large IA ship / base) in multiplayer.

It will be more attractive for players and more easy for admin to do PvE server with challenge.

At the moment, players can fight in PvP but it's sill too difficult to build one server for PvE players and PvE community. Players get bored fast after have the nuke power and a base build.

It will also maybe possible to rework spiders / wolf system (i think it's still an experimental function now) or improve the AI faction part.

I have already suggest to do a server to my community and that's the lacking point :"If no PvP no interest ..."

We could have it with mods on the server but it will be good to have more setting and possibilities in this way too.

I understand Space engineers is more a "building game"than a real survival and i love that.

It's just about choice the player can have as a "+".

Thank you !


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I agree SE really should improve its PVE. I made a suggestion about fixing SE npcs to be functional like they use to be. Keen other game ME has actual working NPCs with pathfinding,stealth,and able to be passive or not. When I go on a Alien planet I expect GIANT SPACE SPIDERS to be hostile and deadly and not broken and digging in a loop forever.

Also planet encounter ships would be fun too I got plenty of mods with that but nothing can fix the broken npcs that keen restrained with a hardcode though :(