Hydros sometimes don't come back online

Pyrald Lystent shared this bug 23 months ago

When overloading my power with ion thrusters, my hydrogen thrusters (fueled by an oxygen generator) come offline as they should. However, when the power usage drops, the thrusters sometimes, by chance remain offline until the grid is updated by either reloading the world, leaving the cockpit, or by crashing into something and losing some blocks.

To reproduce:

-load this world:


-fly erratically until the hydros stay off

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I was watching W4sted's PvPvP stream last night and a similar thing happened ( again )- hydrogen thrusters randomly turned off despite having plenty of fuel and power, but when his ship took some heavy damage they suddenly turned on again.


I just turned the game on again for the first time in a bit over the weekend, and had this happen to me. Used the large hydros to slow my descent into atmosphere, flew around for a bit and decided to get back up into space... only to realize that the hydros were off, and wouldn't turn back on. 68% in the tanks, powered, all good... just nonfunctional. Good thing the design only needs the hydros for additional lift in breaking atmo/stopping descent or I would have been boned. They never did come back on... I ended up quitting the game before they ever started working again. Good to see that this games production is staying at a predictable clip.... or noclip... as the case may be.


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