Hydrogen Engine breaks power/H2 UI/HUD

Tyrone Olds shared this bug 3 years ago

The power meter and H2 bar in the ship UI are completely broken by the presence of a hydrogen engine.

The power meter is battery centric, and is uranium aware, but does not seem account for hydrogen supply with power generation. It can quickly go from displaying a battery life of years to a state of all power being gone.

The H2 bar counts the contents of h engines, even though any hydrogen in an h engine is only ever available to that engine. Hydrogen has multiple exclusive uses and there's only one h bar.

Should the h engine also work like a regular tank? Should its contents be ignored in the h meter? How can the power meter/time remaining be made useful in the presence of a h engine with its variable output and fuel issues?

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Hello, Engineer!

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Myself and a friend just had this problem happen and had NO idea it was caused by the hydrogen. We were in survival and playing and both of us were upgrading our small ships. He'd just set up hydro on his ship and started to fly and got MAYBE 20 seconds of flight in before it told him he was totally dry on power and he wrecked.

I, about 45 min later decided to upgrade my ship and decided to add hydrogen to it as well. I thought everything looked normal and noticed my electrical power APPEARED to last a whole YEAR. Didn't exactly think anything of it until I did a round-trip flight that was about 10-12k total distance that reached up above the atmosphere before I headed back. All of a sudden my ship started gradually falling and for the life of me I had NO idea why. Got back to base, checked my batteries - all 4 were showing roughly 75% charge and my hydrogen tank was still half full since I didn't need to use them too long. To conserve hydrogen I shut just the hydrogen thrusters all off and went back to atmospheric which should have shown about 25-30 minutes of power usage. Instead it was displaying 4 YEARS!!!!! I'm glad I saw this but I didn't realize what was happening until seeing this post here. Copying and pasting the ship using admin-creative is a temporary workaround but holy crap I spent 2 hours trying to debug and didn't even think about energy coming from hydrogen being calculated and then causing the power on the ship to not work properly at all.


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