Humanoid robots ingame

Michael Herbert Wineberger shared this feedback 2 years ago

Imagine having your own humanoid robot crewmate that you can make via making a block for it perhaps like a charging port or perhaps just just the robot itself. Now imagine they could work with your faction and help you with things. That is what I thought when I saw the dummy block, essentially that it is a robot like block and I thought it was going to be a robot at first but it wasn’t to my surprise.

My thoughts for having a humanoid robot in space engineers:

• It should be similar to the dummy block but I also have more things like computer parts and rotors, antenna parts, and power cells.

• make it so that it does autonomous activity like the Turret like perhaps looking out the window and walking around!

• The ability to command it to mine, weld, pilot fighters to attack, all in a cirtain area that you tell it to!

• possibly make it so it can dance to music on it’s recreational time (when it’s not being used) and have the ability to fight nearby enemy faction members.

• Have it recharged on seats like a player does.

• make it so it seeks a seat, med room, or survival kit when low on power.

• Make it so it has magnetic feet.

• when damaged it should be able to be repaired.

• went out of power it should fall down and act as if it is a dead space engineer, but not despawn.

• Have its own antenna and beacon.

• Make it so it can talk in the chat box or perhaps out loud! And possibly if possible make it be able to respond to stuff you say!

• Can use spare parts like med kit, and power pack to recharge its power. Also has backpack to store power and tell you how much their is.

I’m going to put in a napkin sketch on the paper of what I think it should look like! And a dummy for comparison:

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I'd rather have NPC people, but this would be a good first step.

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