Hinge rotates pass upper and lower limit

ColorMak3r shared this bug 2 years ago

Step to reproduce:

- Create a large grid battery, convert the battery into station

- Put a Hinge PART on any surfaces of the battery

- Attach a Hinge BASE to the part (using vehicle)

- Increase Torque to 1000MNn

- Increase Velocity to 30RPM

- Hinge go Clang

+ Also happens to small grid hinge, both 3x3 and 1x1 versions

+ Also happens when the hinge angle is out of limit. For example, Hinge has an angle of 30 degrees, velocity of 5RPM, Upper Limit of 30 degrees. When adjusting Upper Limit to 25 degrees, Hinge can rotate past 90 degrees, up to 120 degrees, when it should stop at 90 degrees


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