high CPU/GPU load on start menu

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I run SE on an AMD FX8300 with a GTX 1050 Ti. When just sitting in the start screen, SpaceEngineers.exe will persistently take about 25-30% of CPU and 20-25% of GPU (according to Windows Task Manager). This will not go down, not after minutes, not after hours. It has been like that persitently since I started playing SE over a year ago.

Assuming that it has little tasks to fulfill other than rendering the background video, the load should significantly lower. For comparison, playing one of the background videos in VLC takes 4-5% CPU and 18% GPU. The Windows Media Player contents itself with 7-10% CPU and 12-13% GPU.

Not only is this a waste of energy, also the fans go on my nerves and make my exit SE more often than I'd like to - e.g. when toying with mods and frequently exiting a game to edit the code. Please consider if there's a way to have me run SE more often ;)

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I think you'll find this is becasue the fps is not capped on the main menu and not being graphically intensive shoots up to the hundreds of frames per second. I'd suggest not sitting in the main menu for hours at a time and either just play the game or close it down :)


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