Hauling Contract destination faction in listing to avoid faction loss from undeliverables.

Buzzard Schuman shared this feedback 4 years ago

When looking through contracts, it would be a *Really Good Thing* to know who owns the station where the package is going, so as to avoid hauling an expensive and undeliverable package with no means of knowing until the hostile beacon pops up.

Alternatively, can we have some means of actually completing a hauling contract to a hostile NPC station?

I'm currently looking at a contract block that I can't interact with, even though most of the rest of the station is usable, and dreading the faction loss hit with the issuer. The loss of collateral is the less painful hit at this point.

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I second this, While ive been busy getting a faction the green, i havent noticed that two factions had gone red one me, so imagine my suprice when i descended onto a red station to deliver a hauling contract..

I recomend adding the destination faction and location (space, Earth, Mars, Alien, Moon(s))


Totally agree what others have said. Need to resurrect this and get this fixed. It is important to know if your contract is going to be in space or on the surface in gravity. We also need to see the target faction's name in the contract screens so we can choose to avoid, but I would prefer if we could still deliver the package and thus raising our reps back up. Right now it seems a lot of contracts inevitably lead to being faction enemies rather than a friend to the factions.


I am lazy so i will just copy my steam post:

Hauling contract

So i get contract to deliver a package to enemy station... why ? I can't deliver it nor i have a information on what faction is the recipient before i accept the contract.. this sucks a**,.. this time it was 25 minutes of my time wasted... how about just putting some more info bout where i am going, at least what faction if not station position,.. is it in space or planet/moon, low<medium<high gravity enviroment, oxygen lvl...



Hello, i have feedback regarding the hauling contracts on official servers

I just accepted one from a TFTC station in deep space and set off to complete it, however the station i arrived at was a hostile one MTMK, meaning i cant complete the contract, i spent IRL time jumping to this location.

There is no mention of the faction you will be delivering to when you accept a hauling contract, this seems massively unfair, and mean spirited, is this even expected functionality? is this just lazyness on the part of the people who where in chanrge of typing up the contract descriptions? Either way, well done on ruining Hauling contracts to the point they are literally unusable.

I am now faced with a 10 rep penalty through no fault of my own

How did this feature make it through testing without any one noticing that this could happen, it essentially makes the hauling contracts to risky to take, you might as well remove this functionality in its entierty if you are not going to add the destination faction in the hauling contract description, or alternativly, just allow players to complete the contract even if the destination station is hostile, no one is expecting to accept new contracts from a hostile station, but at least let us finish the one we are on if we are not allowed to know the destination faction.

I dont understand why this has been like this since the econamy update was very first released, there are many threads of players complaining about this from years ago, please, if you think this adds "fun" to the game, explain it to me, because i dont see it, it is not fun, it is dissapointing, and quite frankly makes me not want to engage with the game any more.

This could be so easily fixed, just include the name of the faction you are delivering too in the hauling contract so the player can make an informed decision if they should take the contract or not, alternativly, just let the player complete the contract, even for a hostile station, obviously they wouldnt be able to accept new contracts from a hostile station.

This is literally outrages how poor the functionality currently is, who ever was in charge of this feature, you should be embarresed

Is there any where we can vote for change requests to be implemented? As i only see the option for feed back, help and bug reports.


This is the old thread regarding this issue


The very least you could do is add the up votes from this thread to the new one, give the appearance that you care about your paying customers

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