Hand Grinder Causes Glitch Sounds

Trenton White shared this bug 5 years ago

When using the handheld grinder (any tier) its ore mining sound will continuously play quietly, and if the player walks it gets louder, if he runs or flies, it gets a lot louder, eventually the sound will stop by itself.

Realistic sounds enabled.

I'm mining using the right mouse click, I don't know if it happens with the left click.

The glitch happens quite rarely.

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I forgot to add this in, all hand tools being used with what they are made for do this (at any tier) not just the Grinder.

I don't know about the hand rifles though.

This bug is different from the other sound bug that's been happening https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/1-187-random-sounds-looping-constantly-coming-from-nowhere-can-be-fixed-by-rejoining-game


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