Grids are way too fragile to impacts

Isaac Fry shared this bug 3 years ago

What should be a small impact too often seems to destroy vast chunks of grids, even destroying all components. These vehicles are made of steel and yet a fairly slow impact can tear off chunks. Blocks can always be destroyed by surprisingly small drops. The fact that they never even leave components is particularly harsh.

As an example:

Observe vehicle at 2:44:52 get almost utterly obliterated, opening a large hole in the floor, due to the very back getting caught in a hangar door.

Entire survival games can be all too easily ruined by an impact inexplicably destroying far more than it should. What it takes a long time to build can be destroyed instantly.

Perhaps this isn't a 'bug' per say but it is more damaging than most bugs, severely impeding survival mode in particular. Also, this wasn't always the case. Small grids in particular I can remember being much more robust before the major physics overhaul. Now they almost seem to visibly explode at a pin drop. If this change was intentional I would be surprised.

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I'm going to bump this because it's still a thing. Please read the whole thing as it's more than a balance issue.


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I have to agree that in general (atleast large grids) are way to fragile, especially the light armor for as far as i's still armor yet a hand held rifle can easily go right through within seconds let alone any ship weapons, as for impacts yes for sure.


So I realize this is 2 years old now, but it still seems to be true? I was playing on the Lost Colony mission, so no mods or anything were active. I had put a small grid drill on the front of my rescue ATV connected to a hinge so I could move it up and down. I had just filled up on ore and was out of places to put it so the drill was at its highest possible mass but the collision that killed it really doesn't seem like it should have.

I was doing a K turn so I could go back up the road to my base, so my velocity was somewhere between 1-3m/s and the drill, which was at full health, the part that I would expect to be designed to take heavy impacts seeing as its purpose is to be repeatedly rammed into stone, brushed against the hill on the side of the road and instantly exploded.

I have heard people talk about the physics of it and they think it's intended, since real life physics says a 3m/s collision of a fully loaded single drill weighing 10,018 kg mathematically should be instantly crushed. But that's where this breaks down, because the entire Rescue Rover empty only weighs about 14,000 kg, and the drill when empty only weighs 1,150kg. You could store more than half the rover's entire mass inside the drill. By that logic if you want to stick to real physics into this, anything having that much volume compressed into that small a space should create a density so high that nothing could break the part.

Vanilla Space Engineers is already breaking the laws of physics to allow containers to store more volume, and thus mass, than would be physically possible in real life. And that's good! It makes the game more fun by reducing the tedium of making thousands of trips for the same mass moved. But when that magic mass is being used to calculate impact damage it's kind of game breaking.

I like that stored mass applies to how much thrust and power is required to move the grid. I am even ok with the concept of higher mass collisions creating more damage, but by the nature of the blocks being able to hold more volume then should be physically possible, I don’t think it is fair for a block's full mass to be counted for either of those things. Perhaps they should only use a percentage of that mass? So only 10, 20, or 50% of stored mass is counted? Playtesting would tell what the correct value is. Or, heck, put it on a slider so players can choose for themselves.

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