Grids are way too fragile to impacts

Isaac Fry shared this bug 2 years ago

What should be a small impact too often seems to destroy vast chunks of grids, even destroying all components. These vehicles are made of steel and yet a fairly slow impact can tear off chunks. Blocks can always be destroyed by surprisingly small drops. The fact that they never even leave components is particularly harsh.

As an example:

Observe vehicle at 2:44:52 get almost utterly obliterated, opening a large hole in the floor, due to the very back getting caught in a hangar door.

Entire survival games can be all too easily ruined by an impact inexplicably destroying far more than it should. What it takes a long time to build can be destroyed instantly.

Perhaps this isn't a 'bug' per say but it is more damaging than most bugs, severely impeding survival mode in particular. Also, this wasn't always the case. Small grids in particular I can remember being much more robust before the major physics overhaul. Now they almost seem to visibly explode at a pin drop. If this change was intentional I would be surprised.

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I'm going to bump this because it's still a thing. Please read the whole thing as it's more than a balance issue.


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I have to agree that in general (atleast large grids) are way to fragile, especially the light armor for as far as i's still armor yet a hand held rifle can easily go right through within seconds let alone any ship weapons, as for impacts yes for sure.