Getting stuck with the wheel under the surface results in Explosion.

Usurpine Susanti shared this bug 2 years ago

Very similar to the ghost bug where you will fall through the surface into the planet i now experienced following:

I build a mono wheel chair with gyros which can be build very cheap in early stage, you just need one big wheel, a chair, batteries and a few gyros. This is fun to ride because you have to balance it.

Well, until the wheel gets stuck into ground, just like that.

Keen hasnt fixed the bug, where cars with wheels fell into the planets, but they somehow fixed the problem with some workarounds.

And now part of my vehicle gets stuck into ground and the rest not which almost instant explodes the whole grid.

This happened to my twice today. First time i lost everything because i fell into the centre of the planet. And just now (i almost reached my base after i was looking for some ore) and while i was driving very slowly the wheel got stuck into the surface and everything exploded just like that.

I am so tired to experience this after so long time i have reported this type of bug.

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