Getting more mass of ingots than ore processed [Exploit]

Stephen Conklin shared this bug 19 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

So, I did a little experiment to see what the base amounts of ingots for a control amount of ore (1,000kg) was and would be for a given number of Yield Modules, and discovered a flaw with the base yield of Iron and Silicon specifically; with no Yield Modules, 1,000kg of Iron ore and 1,000kg of Silicon ore will each produce 700kg of ingots. Which is fine; it's less than the total amount of ore that was processed. Where it starts to get problematic is when you add the third Yield Module; at 168% yield, you produce 1,176kg of ingots from only 1,000kg of ore. Where's it coming from? I think that either the base yield for Iron and Silicon needs to be dropped to 500kg so that double production with 4 Yield Modules means that you're extracting every last milligram of material out of the ore, or it needs to be adjusted that there's still some waste material and you still get less than 1,000kg of ingots out of 1,000kg of ore.

Here's the chart I made:

Ingot yield for # of Yield Modules per 1,000kg of ore

Pt 5kg (0) 5.95kg (1) 7.05kg (2) 8.4kg (3) 10 (4)

Mg 7kg (0) 8.33kg (1) 9.87kg (2) 11.76kg (3) 14kg (4)

Au 10kg (0) 11.9kg (1) 14.1kg (2) 16.8kg (3) 20kg (4)

U 10kg (0) 11.9kg (1) 14.1kg (2) 16.8kg (3) 20kg (4)

Ag 100kg (0) 119kg (1) 141kg (2) 168kg (3) 200kg (4)

Co 300kg (0) 357kg (1) 423kg (2) 504kg (3) 600kg (4)

Ni 400kg (0) 476kg (1) 564kg (2) 672kg (3) 800kg (4)

Fe 700kg (0) 833kg (1) 987kg (2) 1176kg (3) 1400kg (4)

Si 700kg (0) 833kg (1) 987kg (2) 1176kg (3) 1400kg (4)

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Hello, Stephen,

thanks for letting us know about this issue.

It was indeed successfully reproduced and thus put into our internal system.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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