Game freezes for multiple minutes

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I have some problems with the Game being stuck multiple minutes. It does not seam to matter what I am doing, the freezes appear while building as well as during ship operations. I thought that it could be linked to the spawning of unknown signals, but I got multiple ones without the game freezing. In the windows taskmanager it says that at least one thread is waiting on a network E/A to return. This sheams to be strange, as the game was offline singleplayer.

It is a fresh installation, as I recently got a new PC because my old one couldn't keep up with the simspeed.

I added the latest logfiles, as well as screenshots of the taskmanager. The Freeze in the logfiles happened at 21:53:08.161 and lasted for 6 Minutes.

2020-04-25 21:53:07.952 - Thread: 1 -> Saving world - START

2020-04-25 21:53:07.953 - Thread: 1 -> Making world state snapshot.

2020-04-25 21:53:07.953 - Thread: 1 -> Before snapshot.: GC Memory: 2,111 B

2020-04-25 21:53:08.159 - Thread: 1 -> After snapshot.: GC Memory: 2,201 B

2020-04-25 21:53:08.160 - Thread: 1 -> Directory cleanup: GC Memory: 2,201 B

2020-04-25 21:53:08.160 - Thread: 1 -> Saving world - END

2020-04-25 21:53:08.160 - Thread: 11 -> Session snapshot save - START

2020-04-25 21:53:08.161 - Thread: 11 -> Checking file access for files in target dir.

2020-04-25 21:59:34.712 - Thread: 1 -> GC Memory: 2203.223 MB

2020-04-25 21:59:34.727 - Thread: 1 -> Autosave initiated

2020-04-25 21:59:34.727 - Thread: 1 -> Character state: True

2020-04-25 21:59:34.727 - Thread: 1 -> IsServer: True

2020-04-25 21:59:34.727 - Thread: 1 -> MyAsyncSaving.InProgress: True

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Hi, I've had the same long-freeze issues. I run a dedicated server on my machine and join from the same machine (AMD Ryzen 9 3950x; Radeon RX 5700XT; 32gb low-latency DDR4 ram; pcie-g4 nvme drive as OS and game install drive; win10 64-bit)

I never had any lag before the frostbite update (I did have to turn grass off to keep PC from crashing to a black-screen and locking up though). I have not tried changing any settings yet (or resetting settings since update).

It seems to happen randomly, and the freezes last from 15 seconds to a couple minutes. They are usually at the same time as a server autosave or within minutes of one. While frozen, taskmanager shows the game as "not responding" and "waiting on network" if I click analyze wait chain. The server console has no issues at the same time (I can use the management console to affect the game world while my client app is frozen). My network adapter is an integrated Intel(R) I211 Gigabit.

Anyone know of a workaround/fix for this issue? It's frustrating because if a long one happens when I'm low on suit energy, I can end up dead when the client starts updating again (since the server isn't lagged during that time) :/


Hey Justin, were you ever able to figure out a fix for this? I've been scouring all similar topics because I'm plagued by these soft freezes where animations continue to run, and I'm struggling to find the cause after trying just about every fix possible.


Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, I got sidetracked away from the game while this issue was still ongoing and never found a fix/workaround. I'd kind of hoped 9 months more of bug-fixing time would have removed the issue :o

Hopefully you've found a fix in the last 17 days (and hopefully the issue is gone when I play again in the future lol) :D


I appreciate you getting back to me Justin, but I haven't. It seems that whenever they update this mess of a game it breaks for at least a decent portion of users and basically makes it unplayable, which is unfortunate because it's really the only game of it's kind. If you do ever find a solution let me know, and I'll do the same for you. Good luck!

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