Game Crashed - Replaced Star System

Nicholas Stanfill shared this feedback 9 months ago

I started a new game

  • New Game > Custom Game > Star System

I added the mods I usually play with

The game checked for mod updates, then began loading. Before it finished loading, the game crashed giving me this error

  • I have 32GB of memory, I doubt I ran out starting a new game

I was able to resume the game I started but it didn't have the mods I chose

I went to Load to set the mods up and the save looked like a folder

I tried to start a new game but I found the Star System scenario is now the bugged save game

  • You can see the image is me looking at my nearly tipped drop pod

Starting a new game with the changed Star System scenario loads the bugged save. I can no longer play the Star System scenario

Besides asking you to fix this so it never happens again, please tell me how to fix this myself because I can't play now

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Fine I'll fix it myself. To anyone who needs to know how to fix this:

To fix this, delete the folder Star System under SpaceEngineers\Content\CustomWorlds\

Go to Steam Library, right click Space Engineers, select Properties. Select the Local Files tab, press Verify Integrity Of Game Files

After scanning the entire game, it will download the custom world. It is very small, about 152KB