Game Crash when using multiple drills

AccidentallyTheCable shared this bug 23 months ago
Won't Fix

I build a 3 x 7 block of drills to carve out a cavern. Upon turning them on, the game crashed. I tried turning one on at time, and after the 4th/5th one, the game crashed again.

2019-12-21 16:09:49.360 - Thread:   1 ->  Exception occured: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Sandbox.Game.Weapons.MyDrillBase.DrillEnvironmentSector(DetectionInfo entry, Single speedMultiplier, MyStringHash& targetMaterial)
   at Sandbox.Game.Weapons.MyDrillBase.Drill(Boolean collectOre, Boolean performCutout, Boolean assignDamagedMaterial, Single speedMultiplier)
   at Sandbox.Game.Weapons.MyShipDrill.UpdateBeforeSimulation10()
   at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyEntities.<>c.<UpdateBeforeSimulation>b__110_1(MyEntity x)
   at VRage.Collections.MyDistributedUpdater`2.Iterate(Action`1 p)
   at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyEntities.UpdateBeforeSimulation()
   at Sandbox.Game.World.MySector.UpdateBeforeSimulation()
   at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.UpdateComponents()
   at Sandbox.Game.World.MySession.Update(MyTimeSpan updateTime)
   at Sandbox.MySandboxGame.Update()
   at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.Game.UpdateInternal()
   at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.Game.RunSingleFrame()
   at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.FixedLoop.<>c__DisplayClass11_0.<Run>b__0()
   at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.GenericLoop.Run(VoidAction tickCallback)
   at Sandbox.Engine.Platform.Game.RunLoop()
   at Sandbox.MySandboxGame.Run(Boolean customRenderLoop, Action disposeSplashScreen)
   at SpaceEngineers.MyProgram.Main(String[] args)

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Disregard; Mod Related


Seems although it only happens when my mod is enabled; its not something my mod is doing, and appears to be a race condition as a result of using multiple drills.

If they are spaced apart at least one block, the problem does not happen, but lining them up to drill a large area, is when the problem arises (after the 3rd drill it seems).

My Mod:



I appreciate this is an old thread. We have had numerous updates since your post and now on 197.075 Does this problem still persist for your or have you resolved it? Please let me know and I will close this for you if it's no longer an issue :)

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Hello Engineer,

Since there are no new comments in this topic, we are closing this thread as outdated.

In case anyone is encountering the same or similar bug, which is not already posted in a

different thread, please feel free to create a new thread with all relevant information.

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