frostbite Scenario - Trigger not firing Manufacturing line

starmindfr shared this bug 2 years ago


After lots of tried in order to use the first DATA Container i see on youtube that a quest line should show "Manufacturing line" and add a gps on the Data Container.

Bug no way to trigger it with any voice panel button.

Things i have done first :

- Explore the deep complex untill i get the lockdown gate

- Click on all button / panels

- cut of the power on the building including the Med lab, then disable all turrets and put power back on

- click on the panel that should display the Manufacturing line quest part + data, voice are ok but nothing else.

- Reach any part , moved the Data block with gear.

- Stop coolant system

- Get the lockdown module untill it trigger the gate then explore deeper until i reach the command button to unlock all Datas containers.

So if i unlock the containers 2 to 6 with the button the quest reset and go to next part this is ok.

But not way to get hints about Container 1, nothing seems to trigger it and so i dont have any "RetrieveData" value inside the SBC.

All values like QL_Lockdown was set to false.

I could provide files or look deeper in tries if needed.

Issue will also be that people spend too long time trying to figure out how to trigger the Container Data 1 and just give up.

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