Frostbite Scenario - Multiple game-breaking issues

Brian Weber shared this bug 2 years ago

First of all, the lockdown module got cleaned up / deleted on default trash cleanup settings. I believe the grid is 5 blocks total. I found it in the truck and then left the area. When I came back, it was deleted.

Second, the base with the data containers in it ran out of power before I arrived. I had to place a battery to get it working as intended. I don't think I took a crazy amount of time to progress that far. It should last longer than that. Maybe put a reactor or wind turbines on the grid?

The third issue is weather. I was experiencing fog and snow when I was deep underground. I know this is not technically a bug since it happens when manually creating weather. However, is there not a work-around? Is it possible to detect the player's location and turn the weather off when you are underground?

I also have other general issues like microstutters and the HUD not showing the build progress for blocks unless you turn off the HUD and turn it back on, even after the 194.081 hotfix. Anyway, I want to know if there are other players getting game-breakers in the scenario.

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Hello, Engineer!

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I too see the HUD issues not showing build progress or components still needed to complete a block. I often find if I switch from the welder to the grinder, I get the HUD back.

I also find the weather underground to be annoying. It would be good if the scripting could detect you are underground and disable the weather effects while there.

I also agree that plot significant machines and structures should remain powered as long as needed for the scenario to be completed. If the player is unable to complete the scenario due to a structure running out of power, that is game breaking. Exceptions are of course where such loss of power is part of the intended challenge of the plot.


For scenarios why not add a grid Tag or some such (Like Admin Safe Zones) that means the grid is infinately Powered?

The Tag Could be removed either:

  • When a cartain point is Reached or a Predefined action ocours.
  • a certain amount of the grid Changed. (Removed/Added)
  • Ownership Changed

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