Frostbite Bug Looting Dead Engineers

Benjamin John Ashton shared this bug 2 months ago

I have been playing the frostbite scenario without issue for two days, but last night when I loaded in I noticed I was unable to access the inventory of the dead engineers. I can see their inventory but I'm unable to grab or move any of the contents and the items appear transparent as if I'm being denied access. I have been able to take their inventory in the past this has only been of recent.

Would there be any settings or actions I could have done to make this happen? I have tried restarting the scenario but I'm still having the same problem. Is there anything you can recommend? I have also tried to reset all ownerships but it doesn't work either. This is frustrating because I have no access to the note pads and extra equipment which really helps sell the story.

I have noticed someone else has had the same problem but the issue was submitted over 3 months ago.

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I'm experiencing the same thing, I've noticed it's reading the engineers as air vents and not actually dead engineers! Can't really take stuff from something when it can't even hold anything!


I am experiencing this same issue, I can see the items in their inventory but they are a dull grey color. MMB doesn't work either when it says collect all of the dead engineers inventory. This is very annoying as I cannot collect data pads.