Frequent (Voxel-related?) Physics Server Crash 1.194.081

validpoint shared this feedback 22 months ago

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Cube.MyGridPhysics.UpdateShape()
   at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeGrid.Dispatch(UpdateQueue queue, Boolean parallel)
   at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeGrid.UpdateAfterSimulationParallel()
   at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyParallelEntityUpdateOrchestrator.ParallelUpdateHandlerAfterSimulation(IMyParallelUpdateable entity)
   at ParallelTasks.ForEachLoopWork`1.DoWork(WorkData workData)
Frequency of this crash seems to increase significantly with the more players that are connected to a server. Tested with 30 players all on a planet, maybe voxel related?

Files: log.txt

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The reason we suspect it's voxel related, is because massive space battles work fine with no planets involved.

However the moment players are on a planet in survival, it crashes regularly (within 10 minutes with 30 players online).

In addition, players fall through the planet, so I suspect they're related.


After extensive testing we have found out that it is due to welding, grinding, placing blocks, anything that utilizes UpdateShape(). The chance of a crash dramatically increases with the more players there are, especially in survival where grinding, welding, placing blocks, etc. is very common. Replicated by simply building a grinder pit and chucking in a few grids on a dedicated server.

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