flying and land vehicles slowly rotating on planet

Spets shared this bug 4 years ago

it could be because the scripts I'm using here, but I saw this happen in vanilla scenario too (Xocliw's Live Stream) There is also a weird sound bug.


broken world (Warning, might have weird loud broken sound too)

Scripts I used here, just in case:

Rotor Torsion Spring

Subgrid Wheel Control

Immersive Car Lights

Also, moded planet Linra

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I had this happen to me on Earthlike, I got tons of structures on the planet and rovers roaming around and ships fighting each other. I had this happen today me and my friends were shooting target dummies and I kept spawning more while they shot them. So lots of small grids and scrap was on the base until suddenly everything became floaty. Only way we can deal with this is by moving to a different planet and playing on it for a while until the planet is fixed or we log off. The worse thing is the bug is really rare and I don't know how to reproduce it.


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Happens to players also... happening to me right now. Exited game and reloaded but I cant touch voxels or grids.. results in player spinning around and cannot walk/move unless I fly into air with jetpack. Cant pass thru doors, stick to wall and ceiling, clipping thru grid and die. Happens when server load goes over 200%.. oh wait.. found some ships flipping and flopping in the voxel terrain again... delete them and quickload.. tada... game works again. Hope you guys figure this problem out soon!


This is the "dance of death" as we have dubbed it on our sever. As best we can tell it has to do with when grids collide with voxels but its not something that happens every time. We have been looking for a work around for this issue for months other than reloading a back up save. Really hope Keen fixes this one but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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