Infinite loading screen with mods

Tom King shared this bug 3 years ago

I have an current issue where I add a bunch of mods to play with my friends and once I activate the mods in the worlds settings > Then load the custom world up and it is normally stuck on the loading screen like not a freeze or anything just a infinite loading screen please wait screen.

And also normally with a bunch of mods it sometimes loads in but sometimes it crashes, and 1 more thing that,

Whenever I host a custom world with a big mods, My friends are attempting to load in But with the current glitch on the waiting for server to respond thing. it just glitches completely trying a couple of reattempts and normally it would say Server is not responding or game server has different version of the game, and it normally like I said it would Completely glitch for my friends while connecting it would say server is not responding and then it goes to the loading screen please wait for them and it also happens to me whenever I'm loading in it does the same thing to me,


It does a never ending infinite loading screen in which case it loads into nothing. Please fix

Here is the log file...

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