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Victor Zlatarev shared this feedback 4 years ago

Didn't have much time to check all of the new features. My main concern at first was what changes I would need to make to my mods.

I like the new blocks with a couple of remarks:

1. The Basic Assembler should require less power - probably the same as Basic Refinery.

2. The Hydrogen Engine has some bugs that I tried to explain in a bug topic here.

3. The Survivor Kit can only process Stone. Apparently Stone now gives trace amounts of some other ingots but it's not very clear.

I am very disappointed with the Cockpit screens. After seeing the teaser I genuinely thought you might integrate LCDs in the cockpits but there are no extra options in the control panel and I don't see any obvious way to put anything else but the static texture they come with.

Also I don't get the new temperature indicator. Is it not fully implemented yet?

You are asking for opinions about changed inventory size but to be honest I didn't notice any change there. Probably because I was testing with standard size without multipliers.

I like the idea behind the Respawn changes but I thought it would filter the closest spawn options and only give me a few of them. Instead it didn't give me any option and directly spawned me in the closest one. Perhaps you should be able to choose when there are more than 1 on the closest grid or something like that.

As for the other changes, I will try to test them as well if I have more time later and give more feedback.

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The Survival Kit breaks down stone primarily into gravel but with trace amounts of Fe, Ni and Si.

Agreed with the temperature - it's freezing, so what? A half implemented feature?


Oh, I didn't actually try to break down anything. Just opened the production menu and saw there was only stone.

Thanks for the clarification.


never mind i figured it out


It does require a minimum of 500 stone per cycle if that helps.

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