Feature request: Holographic free building

Woogoo W shared this feedback 55 days ago

I've been getting back into Space Engineers recently. I used to always play in survival mode and as a result most of my blueprints aren't very complex or good looking. One thing I decided to do, is whenever I want to build a new ship or station, it's probably a good idea to make it in creative and take a blueprint. While that works fine in most situations, it is a little disruptive for game flow especially in multiplayer.

Here is what I propose.

New mode for the projector: Holographic blueprint builder.

This mode allows you to build holographic grids and save them as blueprints. All creative functions like line/plane and symmetry are allowed in this mode. Your holographic grid will appear solid to you, but like a projected hologram to other players. No physics or animations obviously. Other engineers can enter the mode with you and help you build as long as they have access to your projector. The projector in this mode has a few more functions, save and clear, save, and clear building area. Any clear command is disabled if there are other engineers connected, but you can save a blueprint at any time.

This is a rough idea of what the feature should be, but ideally it should allow you to freebuild a new design without having to leave the server you are in.