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Corey Mabbitt shared this bug 2 years ago

There are two problems so far with this.. I always play with friends and since couple of patches back they were unable to paint other's builds in faction, which isn't always the case of others ship or station but once one person places more blocks or control block that person becomes its "owner" , which leads to other problem and that is Trading in this new patch with stations. friends and I went to finish Acquisition quests and we had a bit heavy load so we placed it in the transport ship, but they can't see OUR factions ship (mine as owner) in the drop down menu to finish the missions and they can't finish the quest since it's too heavy for one person to carry so we ended up either switching the owners or hacking the cockpit to do it. Can we get this fixed? I really feel like sharing with faction isn't working as it should be, because painting was working before.

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