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Ashley Hagyard shared this bug 23 months ago

This is a two part report.

Part 1 is that you cannot whisper /w to players with a space in between their names. It will not recognise them. It is also really difficult to flick between chats with different players. Could I suggest a drop down menu appears with all the players currently online to select between them?

Part two is: I am unsure if this is a bug or a foundation for future features. However it would seem that you can privately message clans from the comms menu... only you can’t. It would also seem like neutral factions should appear in the bottom left corner ready for messaging. If this is true, once you click on a faction it does not allow you to type to them. Overall the comms don’t work great and I have found messaging has a huge role with the recent features and updates. Organising trade and working with other alliances on a server has created a lot of chatter! This is really difficult to manage right now.

Thanks again

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